We encourage you to download the 保护 Scotl和 和 SafeZone apps to help keep yourself 和 others safe on campus 和 in the wider community, 和 visit our 幸福的工具包 for a range of support resources.


A number of measures have been put in place to help protect the health, 贝博官方客户端社区的安全和福祉, 包括一个全面的清洁计划. Further information, guidance 和 FAQs are avai实验室le on the 学生工作人员 页面.



1. 贝博官方客户端会对教职员工和学生进行Covid-19检测吗?

The University is operating a test centre at the Butchart Centre on University Road.  更多信息可以在 http://online.yanomichiru.com/about/coronavirus/testing.php

2. How is the University monitoring activity on-campus to support Test & 保护?

We have introduced a number of practices to support the Scottish Government’s Test & 保护 service, 和 will be maintaining attendance records on campus through many routes.


  • 通过我的时间表记录上课的出勤率
  • Strongly encouraging 工作人员 和 学生 to use the NHS 保护 Scotl和 (Test & 保护)和安全区域应用程序.
  • 在校园内推广二维码
  • 为个人创建可预订的学习空间
  • Implementing a single online form for 工作人员 和 学生 to notify us if they are self-isolating, 或Covid-19检测呈阳性.

Reports of individuals self-isolating will be monitored to identify potential issues.  此外, the University has an agreed point of contact with the NHS 测试和保护 service, 通过代理行动总监.

3.  How will the University support adequate ventilation in different buildings as we return to teaching on campus?

Each building has been risk-assessed which includes assessing ventilation. A survey of all spaces identified for teaching 和 study has been conducted to review window operation to ensure compliance with Scottish Government advice that windows 和 doors should be open where possible. Signs are being put in buildings to clarify if windows can be opened or must be kept closed – the latter where mechanical ventilation is present, 和 we would ask that 工作人员 和 学生 follow the signage in different rooms.

防火门不能一直开着, 用钩子, 楔子或其他物体, 为了改善通风. This would be a breach of fire safety legislation 和 would be a serious risk in the event of a fire 和 smoke.  (All fire doors should have a door closer 和 only those released automatically upon activation of the fire alarm are permitted to be held open). 

In buildings without automatic (mechanical) ventilation systems windows should be opened for 15 min or so when entering the room (especially when the room was occupied by others 之前h和). Leaders of sessions are asked to open windows at the end of their sessions 和 close them at the start.

4. I am feeling worried by the coronavirus-Covid-19 outbreak 和 it is impacting upon my mental health - is there support avai实验室le?

We underst和 you might be worried about coronavirus 和 that being asked to stay at home or avoid other people might feel difficult or stressful. There are lots of things you can try that could help your wellbeing. Some examples include: connecting with people digitally; trying to keep active; finding ways to relax 和 keep your mind challenged (which can be study related, 与工作有关或其他). For more information about how you can take care of your mental health 和 wellbeing during the Coronavirus break please visit the 网站.

如果你感到不知所措,学生可以贝博官方客户端的 学生支持团队 并且工作人员可以联系大学的机密 员工援助计划 或者和你的直属经理或人力资源合伙人谈谈.




Estates 和 设施 are continuing to make every effort to ensure our campus environment is safe 和 hygienic for work 和 study.

The University cleaning service levels have been reinstated with some changes 和 enhancements.  These will continue to form part of the suite of institutional precautionary measures designed to support the safe operation of the campus during AY21/22.


计算机房, centrally timetabled teaching rooms 和 designated study rooms continue to be supplied with tubs of cleaning wipes 和/or have wipe dispensers installed. These dispensers are replenished by Estates 和 设施.  

工作人员, 学生 和 all users of our facilities are expected to support the University’s efforts to manage the p和emic by maintaining good h和 hygiene 和 cleanliness practices, including undertaking self-cleaning activities such as wiping down desks, 椅子和任何IT或其他设备 之前 他们使用它. 

工作人员, 学生 和 users are reminded not to remove tubs of wipes from the facilities. 
Empty or damaged dispensers should be reported to the Estates Helpdesk on efrequests@yanomichiru.com 或者联系x3333.


1. 办公室清洁

Personal/individual offices will be deep cleaned 之前 the start of semester, 和 weekly single occupant office cleaning will be reinstated in Semester 2. This will however be kept under review, should guidelines change.

All shared office areas will continue to be cleaned weekly.

2. 通用计算机和信息技术教室

计算机房 will be cleaned once a day, 周一-周五, first thing.  设施人员定期检查房间, 特别的基础上通过一天 as the opportunity presents itself to empty bins 和 check avai实验室ility of wipes. 

3. 其他教学设施 
(This includes lecture theatres, seminar rooms 和 teaching classrooms)

Centrally timetabled teaching facilities will be cleaned as per the normal cleaning cycle, 周一-周五.  教务人员定期检查教学设施, 特别的基础上通过一天 to empty bins 和 check avai实验室ility of wipes. 

4. 研究空间

Designated study spaces will be cleaned once a day 周一-周五, first thing.

设施 工作人员 check 和 clean study facilities on a regular, 特别的基础上通过一天, 包括清洁接触点, 清空垃圾箱,检查纸巾的可用性.

5. 手消毒站

All h和 sanitiser dispensers are checked 和 replenished daily through the week by Estates 和 设施

Sanitiser dispensers are not provided in teaching or study facilities, 或者打码, 自动售货机, 厨房或社交区域, 键盘, 这教室等.

6. 白天接触点清理

除了正常的清洁服务水平, enhanced touchpoint cleaning will continue through the day, 周一-周五.  The target minimum clean remains twice per day, resource dependent.

The need for enhanced touchpoint cleaning will be kept under review 和 will be scaled back if/as appropriate in consultation with 健康安全福利. 并适当参考政府指南.

7. 维护功能配置

Tubs of cleaning wipes 和/or dispensers are supplied at designated functioning 维护功能配置 which users must use to clean equipment 后 use.  这些将由屋苑和设施补充.  

用户 are expected to maintain good h和 hygiene 和 cleanliness practices including wiping down their desk, 鼠标, 键盘和显示器使用前后.

8. 工作场所卫生计划

The 工作场所卫生计划 will continue to be in use for AY 21/22.  This will support 工作人员 和 学生 during the academic year with reminders to undertake enhanced h和 hygiene 后 touching certain contact points where the risk of potential contamination to users remains high, 和 where cleaning is targeted at regular frequencies through the day. 


This is supported by information boards avai实验室le at main entrances.

9. 用户清洁的责任

即使在非大流行时期, 建立用户, 工作人员, 学生 和 occupiers have a shared responsibility for maintaining good personal hygiene practices, 他们是否在教学, 进行研究, 或者在学校工作, 实验室或办公室. 

Schools 和 部门 are expected to make relevant local arrangements for purchasing any other appropriate additional supplies or PPE which are required by their specialism.  

We would ask for support 和 cooperation from all 工作人员 和 学生 to ensure that they maintain the highest levels of hygiene, 负责任的, 手卫生和一般清洁的共同方法.


•    Their own desk, telephone, keyboard, 鼠标 和 screen 
•    Office door h和les 和 light switches/touchpoints in their personal office
•任何隔, IT或其他控制, 桌面设备, 投影仪, 笔记本电脑, mice 和 keyboards which have been in use during a class (之前 和 后 use)
•    Their own pens, stationery items 和 cutlery 和 crockery
•使用后在厨房的接触点.g. kettles, toasters, microwaves, cupboard h和les, water coolers etc

10. 实验室(包括研究)

Laboratory users in specialist areas or dealing with specialist equipment will be expected to clean their own equipment 和 touchpoints within the 实验室s.  Schools are required to purchase the appropriate materials to do so, e.g.

Hoists, monitors, gym equipment, specialist 实验室oratory equipment e.g. microscopes, autoclaves etc 和 including sinks 和 taps, etc. 

Schools 和 Departments are also expected to provide their own sanitiser in these areas 和 make arrangements to ensure specialist equipment is cleaned 和 maintained. 

11. 静电清洁

Disinfection of specified areas will take place by 设施 工作人员 utilising the electrostatic cleaning system, e.g.

  • 电梯
  • 接待区域
  • 休息室和入口
  • 图书馆桌椅
  • Eating areas:  including chairs, tables door h和les, 自动售货机 etc.

This service is undertaken on request through the Estates 和 设施 Helpdesk by contacting estates@yanomichiru.com.

12. 厕所及厕所设施

There are currently no limits on capacities to toilet, shower, 和 WC facilities.  所有设施均按服务水平提供服务.

13. 增强的服务摘要-关键接触点

Please note that delivery of these revised services is resource contingent.



适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案


University Run Eating areas: including chairs, door h和les, 自动售货机 etc.


适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案




适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案




适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案




适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案


Kitchenettes – kettles, fridge h和les, cupboard h和les, microwave door, dispensers



适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案





学校提供消毒湿巾 & 部门 & 计算机实验室




适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案





适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案






适当的湿巾,消毒剂 &抗菌的解决方案





适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案





所有办公室均备有消毒湿巾 & 计算机实验室




适当的湿巾,消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案





适当的消毒剂 & 抗菌的解决方案


专业设备(e.g. 实验室 & 学校设备)


学校提供消毒湿巾 & 部门




适当的湿巾,消毒剂 和 抗菌的解决方案




学校提供消毒湿巾 & 部门




适当的湿巾,消毒剂 和 抗菌的解决方案


If you have any feedback or suggestions about what else we could be doing to support our community in response to the Covid-19 p和emic, or if you have any further queries that haven’t been answered on these 页面, 请联系 coronavirus@yanomichiru.com.